Academic Calendar of ISUH – Izmail State University of Humanities

Academic Calendar of ISUH

The educational process schedule determines the calendar terms of terms, academic weeks, weeks of independent work, weeks of practical training, examination sessions, vacations for each academic year by a certain educational program, as well as preparation of qualification works and final certification of degree-seeking students.

The educational process schedule at the University for various forms of training, terms of training and educational training programs is annually developed by the curriculum and instruction department of the University and is approved by the academic council of the University, proceeding from the following positions:

  • the academic year begins, as a rule, on September 1 and includes two terms (autumn-winter, spring-summer), two exam sessions (winter, summer) and practice. The total duration of the terms, examination sessions and practice during the academic year is at least 40 weeks;
  • duration of theoretical training (including practice) is 17 weeks in the autumn-winter term and 18 weeks in the spring-summer term (with the exception of the last term);
  • the duration of the terms and the date of the beginning of theoretical (classroom) classes can be changed in the case of conducting training and production practices with a break from lessons;
  • the weeks of independent work are determined by the schedule of the educational process and are planned for degree-seeking students of full-time (daytime, evening) forms of training, as a rule, twice per term – in the middle of the term and the last week before the examination session. The purpose of weeks of independent work is students’ fulfillment of individual tasks and preparation for midpoint assessment;
  • the exam session duration is 2 weeks. The interval between the examinations is no less than three days. Only one kind of summative assessment in the academic discipline is planned, except for comprehensive academic disciplines studied for several terms;
  • the total length of vacations during the course (except for the final term) is for at least 8 weeks (including 2 (3) weeks during the winter vacations, but not more than 12 weeks;
  • for the implementation of each form of certification of degree-seeking students, one week is allocated to the educational process schedule;
  • for degree-seeking students of the extramural form of study, the total duration of study for each academic year is determined on the basis of the amount of additional leave specified in Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine “On Vacations”, and the educational process schedule is compiled taking into account the peculiarities of the specialty, the year of students’ training, opportunities and the wishes of the students and their employers;
    • training of degree-seeking students of the extramural form of study is organized according to the following scheme:

– autumn session, during which theoretical studies are conducted;

– winter test-exam session, in which examinations are combined with theoretical training;

– summer examination session.

Theoretical training is carried out in three buildings of the university at the address:

    • Building № 1, 12, Repin st., 68610, Izmail, Odessa region;
    • Building № 2, 75, Suvorov avenue, 68610, Izmail, Odessa region;
    • Building № 3, 9, Peace avenue, 68610, Izmail, Odessa region.

Educational process schedule