Izmail State University of Humanities

Duration of study
  • Preparatory Department – 1 year;
  • Bachelor Degree – 4 years;
  • Master Degree – 2 years after the Bachelor Degree;
  • Ph.D. – 4 years (after a Master’s Degree);
  • Doctor of Science – 2 years (after a Ph.D.).
Preparatory Department

Preparatory Department (PD) provides language training courses required for study and communication.

Training courses are available in two languages: Ukrainian or Russian. They last 2 semesters and contain 1050 hours (practical classes – 900 hours, individual classes – 150 hours).

Classes on the Preparatory Department may begin in any month of the academic year.

After graduation from the Preparatory Department, learner will receive the Certificate of a State standard that gives the right to apply to any higher education institutions in Ukraine.

Admission to Preparatory Department

Izmail State University of Humanities
Admission to the Preparatory Department for Foreign Students to Izmail State University of Humanities is carried out on condition:

  • availability of full secondary education;
  • Ukrainian University invitation.


Training starts from September 1 as the groups are filled up.

List of documents that the applicants personally submit to Izmail State University of Humanities in paper form:

1) application form;

2) the original and a copy of the document about the previous education;

3) original and copy of the document (appendix to the document about education), which contains information on the success of the educational disciplines;

4) copy of the birth document;

5) a copy of the passport (page with photo);

6) medical certificate of health;

7) 12 photographs in size 3,5×4,5 cm, colored, matte;

8) passport (presented personally).


The documents referred to in points 2 and 3 must be certified in accordance with the legislation of the issuing country, translated into Ukrainian and legalized in the manner prescribed by the state authorities of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine. During the first semester of studies, the notification of these documents is carried out.



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How to receive the “Entrance visa”?

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