Izmail State University of Humanities

Present Profile of Izmail State University of Humanities

The history of our higher educational institution begins in August 1940. During these years, more than 60 thousand graduates were professionally trained. They have been successfully employed according to their specialties both in Ukraine and abroad.


Izmail State University of Humanities is a prestigious establishment of the progressive educational and scientific space of the European region “The Lower Danube”. Izmail State University of Humanities is developing dynamically; the university infrastructure is being effectively modernized.


IZMAIL STATE UNIVERSITY OF HUMANITIESThe university has 5 buildings and a developed modern infrastructure: a library, sports halls, SMART-audiences, concert and choreography halls, halls of residents, laboratories, innovation centers, computer halls, and free space.


Students of all specialties have the opportunity to additionally get a second specialty, additional specialization or master the certified program in 20 different directions.


At present, the administration of Izmail State University of Humanities is interested in establishing fruitful cooperation with the progressive higher educational institution in Poland.


Kichuk Yaroslav
doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor
Addreds: Izmail State University of Humanities, Repina str., 12. 68610, Izmail, Odessa region
E-mail: idgu@ukr.net

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