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Izmail State University of Humanities participates in EU project
Romania-Ukraine Eni-cross dorder cooperation

On December 9th, 2019, the Municipal Council of Lunkavita, together with the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration of Romania, signed a Grant Contract of the CBC – Practice Firms – Innovative Methodology for Professional Training and Educational Cooperation at the Bilateral Level Romania-Ukraine funded by the European Union in the framework of the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020.


The Lead partner of the project is Lunkavita village, the partners are Izmail State University of Humanities, “Sf.Luca” postliceal sanitary school Tulcea and  Youth Public Organization “New European Generation”.


The project was developed within the priority of the Programme “Institutional cooperation in the educational field for increasing access to education and quality of education”. The general objective of the project is improving accessibility and employability in the labor market of 360 students and high school students from Romania and Ukraine, by developing the knowledge and skills necessary for a modern labor market, flexible and dynamic through inter-institutional collaboration in education across borders.


Requirements for admission and training
Organization of the educational process

Admission to ISUH at all educational levels is carried out on a competitive basis, regardless of the sources of funding for training on the basis of the Rules of admission to ISUH in compliance with the Conditions of admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine, approved by the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.


The organization of applicants’ admission to the institution of higher education is carried out by the Admission Committee of ISUH. All issues related to admission to higher education institutions are resolved by the Admission Committee at the meetings of the Admission Committee. The decisions of the Admission Committee are published on the official website of ISUH.


All persons receiving higher education at ISUH have equal rights and obligations.

ISUH is an educational institution with the state language of instruction. All entrance tests and competitive selections, except a foreign language test, are carried out in Ukrainian.

List of proposed programs
List of proposed programs

At the university, the training of specialists is carried out according to the relevant educational and professional, educational and scientific programs at the levels of higher education, which include the award of a corresponding degree of higher education:

  • Junior Bachelor
  • the first (bachelor level) – Bachelor;
  • the second (master  level) – Master;
  • the third (educational and scientific level) – Doctor of Philosophy.


A Junior Bachelor is a vocational degree obtained at the initial level (short cycle) of higher education and awarded by the University upon a degree-seeking student’s successful completion of a vocational program of study comprised of 120-150 ECTS credits.


The workload of a vocational program of study for obtaining  a junior bachelor degree on the basis of a junior specialist degree is 90 credits.

Academic Calendar of ISUH

The educational process schedule determines the calendar terms of terms, academic weeks, weeks of independent work, weeks of practical training, examination sessions, vacations for each academic year by a certain educational program, as well as preparation of qualification works and final certification of degree-seeking students.

The educational process schedule at the University for various forms of training, terms of training and educational training programs is annually developed by the curriculum and instruction department of the University and is approved by the academic council of the University, proceeding from the following positions

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